First meeting of 2020. Jason Fitz.


here is a short Bio for Jason

Jason Wilson
A 13 year combat veteran who has kept a variety of fish his whole life is sharing his education and stories by inspiring fish keepers old and new in these fun-informational and interactive talks. He brings a different approach with excitement and vigor that only he knows.

I am exited to see what Jason has to say

Duane Perry

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I'm coming to kc saturday for the club meeting. I have lots of plants avalable and I also have a bunch of juvanile fish from dragon blood peacocks. I have multifaciatus shell dwellers avalable and a male apisto from trippe red parents. There is a variety of patterns that can come from them the dragonsblood parents. I also have micro worms and white worm cultures. If anyone wants anything let me know. Im always interested in fish trades.


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It was a good talk as well. Jason the speaker got me interested in trying fritz monster 360, he claimed if you dose it a couple times a month the stuff will literally clean out a gunked up sponge filter.
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