February Meeting - Giant Plant Auction plus workshops February 11, 2023

Come check out our giant plant auction on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 1PM. See what will have to auction off on the mygroupauctions.com website. Keep in mind we will be adding to the list up to the last minute. Other sellers are allowed to sell up to five items. HAAS Members get to keep 70% of their proceeds and non-members can keep 60%. Donations are always welcome!

In addition to auctioning plants and any aquatic items, we will be having a couple workshops that you are welcome to enjoy. We are going to work out details and update them shortly.
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Got our first items for sale for the auction!!! You can contribute 5 items to the auction if you want to try selling. We do limit it to 5 to keep the event shorter than a normal auction. Need help, call me at 913.568.4014 or email auction@kcfishclub.org.