Collecting driftwood


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I now live near a river that has driftwood here and there along the banks. It's probably impossible to know what type of tree they came from. But if it's been in water and out in the elements, would it be ok to rinse and put in a tank? And are there any regulations on collecting driftwood? Just wanted to see if anyone here has experience collecting their own driftwood and can share some tips.


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I have collected and used a lot of driftwood. the species of tree does not really matter. Some leach more Tannins (color) into the water. As a rule, hardwood lasts longer than a softer wood like cottonwood.

I used to boil the wood first, but now I just blast it with the hose and use a scrub brush on the bad spots.

It is illegal in Kansas to take wood from a reservoir or lake with zebra mussels, which I think applies to all reservoirs now.

Driftwood collecting is fun especially when you find the perfect piece and you know it would cost $100 in a store.
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