Auction Rules 2019


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I'll try to clean this up if I get time but here is a rough draft of our current auction rules:

Auction Rules – 3-9-2019
  1. Register to be a seller at Once on the website, register your login/email address and don’t forget your password. Make it easy as no one is using this site for anything but matching your name to specific auctions. After you register on the site join the HAAS group to see our club’s auctions. Register early in case you have trouble! It is very easy to add, modify and delete your entries into the My Group auctions website. Take advantage of the Copy function! It is nice to make one entry and copy it for 5 auctions! Caution: Be careful you are adding your items to the correct date of auction! I encourage people to add items early to help generate interest in the auction. I also encourage you to bring your list of items with your to simplify check in. You can bring an extra copy of your labels or use the reports functions to do this. Contact Mike at 913-5684014 if you have problems.
  2. Seller check-in starts at 10:30am and ends at noon. You are welcome to come earlier to help us all get organized and set up but we won’t be able to provide “priority dots” till 10:30.
  3. Sellers will label all bags with:
    1. Bag number – generated by My Group Auctions
    2. Email address will be place on each bag thru the My Group Auctions website.
    3. Description of item contents. The more info you put on your label, the better it will sell! Take advantage of the picture upload process. It really helps the audience understand what you are selling. If they don’t understand they won’t bid!
  4. There is a limit of 40 bags per person or family, 5 bags of like species/ color variety, or dry good items per seller. This means you can bring 5 bags of blue guppies, 5 bags of red guppies and 5 bags of yellow guppies. As long as each is a different variety.
  5. All livestock must be clearly identified with scientific or common name, number of fish in bag identified as pair (M/F), Breeding pair (M/F that have spawned) or sex, if known, Cichlid is NOT a scientific or Common name! If you are not sure what your fish is, ask a club member for help. Fish sell much better when we know what it is!
  6. Color dots may be used to prioritize items in the auction. You will receive 3 colors of dots and the order will be decided prior to check in. If this auction is using colored dots, you can select which of your items should be auctioned off earlier. Sellers may not trade or give away dots with other sellers. Any bags without a colored dot will be auctioned at the end of the auction.
  7. All items offered for sale must be aquarium hobby related.
  8. Equipment must be clean and noted as to quality and workability.
  9. Sellers may decide to sell any of their items at the “Buy It Now” table (if available). These items will go for a set amount of time as deemed by the seller and auction staff. If not sold, they will be added to the regular auction.
  10. Livestock must be healthy. No fish visibly diseased will be sold in the auction.
  11. No ZiplockTM bags or sandwich bags are to be used for fish.
  12. Fish must be bagged properly, we recommend 1/3 water & 2/3 air, unless it is a KordonTM breathing bag, then no air is needed. Utilize the first aid station (if available) to fix bagging issues.
  13. You can use the minimum bid functionality via My Group Auctions registration. I encourage you to not overdo this as it bogs down the auction if every item has a $100 min bid! Try to use the minimum bid for items $10 and up. All items have a natural built in $1 min bidJ. You may want to use a highlighter so when folks are looking at your bags they don’t get surprised by a big minimum bid. Verify at check-in that you have met all the requirements for your min bid items. It is very easy to modify this on your item entry page right up to the auction. You must be available to pick up your item by the end of the auction if it does not sell for the Minimum price. Otherwise, the item will be re-auctioned without the Minimum bid reservation.
  14. Auction split will be 70/30 with 70% going to seller and 30% going to club for club members. For non-club members it will be 60/40 split with 60% going to seller and 40% going to the club.
  15. Payouts to the seller will be available 30 days following the auction. Checks not cashed within 6 months will be considered a donation to HAAS.
  16. Any item not sold or picked up by the end of the auction will become property of HAAS or may be purchased back for $1.00 at the conclusion of the auction. We will set items not sold off to the side and if you decide you want that item, get with a runner and they will fill out a bid slip for you.
  17. All decisions of the Auction Chairperson are final. Any questions or suggestions regarding the auction can be emailed to