Hello, People in the Heart of America. I am Julia Adkins from We started out as a company to help other aquatic plant enthusiasts and hobbyists to obtain nutrients for plants in their aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, hydroponics, aeroponics, and ponds. We carry only dry fertilizers in a water-soluble form of ground minerals like granulated sugar. We have individual nutrients and pre-mixed blends, as well as timed-release micronutrient tabs and graduated dispenser bottles that make mixing and dosing easier. When you buy your plant nutrients already in solution, you are paying a lot for the water and for the shipping of the water. We figure that if you have an aquarium, you probably already have enough water and would like to only be paying for the nutrients. Our website has many articles on how to start and keep an aquarium, water conditioning, water chemistry, and different dosing methods for plant nutrients. We are always happy to answer any questions we can about aquatic plant nutrition and our products. I am pleased to meet you and hope to hear from you. Many blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


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Welcome Julia. We have a good number of plant people in the club from high tech to no tech. February is usually a club plant buy and plant related speaker. This year is no different and hopefully with Aquarium Fertilizier on board we can keep the plants thriving longer. It is always good to have "professional people" on the forum.

Paul G

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I've been getting my ferts from Julia for years. I invested in a kitchen scale, a big funnel, and some graduated beakers, and I saved all my SeaChem 2 liter bottles to store the prepared solutions. There's a cost-comparison guide on that I found useful for matching SeaChem's concentrations. I have spent quite a lot on hardware, as we hi-techs are inclined to do, but I don't willingly practice profligacy. Costs for consumables like plant supplements and fish food can really add up over time, especially if the tanks are large and the organisms are many.

I use SeaChem's organics, Excel (modified gluteraldehyde) and Advance (phytohormones), and their Alkaline Buffer. I trust SeaChem and I like these products. But when it comes to primary and secondary macros and trace-inclusive micros, buying and shipping water just cannot be justified.

Anyone implementing a methodical dosing protocol should check out Thanks Julia.
Thank you for your kind words, Paul. I have found the full spectrum of hobbyists while doing this business for the past 13 years. I have met everyone from people who are really into fish and would like some plants to enhance the look of their fish to those who are really into the aquatic plants and aquascaping in vivariums who would like to have healthy plants that will show off the beauty of their fish. This has been an interesting business to have.