Any Local Tanganyika Breeders?


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Hey all! I'm looking for Tanganyikan cichlids, and I'm hoping to buy them from someone who breeds locally. Specifically, I'm in search of N. Multifasciatus, Julidochromis (preferably transcriptus of some kind, but open to others), and Cyprichromis L. "Mpulungu". Also open to other rock dwellers or shellies! Just trying to get some feelers out there to see who breeds!


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Welome to the forum Zach. There are several club members that have bred tangs in the past but we have one member that is hard core, ajw9356. I would sent him a message and see what he has got. John lives in Wichita but often drives up to HAAS events or maybe you could meet some where. I have killed some of his beautiful lemon Lelupies:poop::D


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Hey, jcurts! I actually snooped and discovered he was on this forum and was able to reach out to him! I have family in Wichita and may try to get in touch the next time I'm there. 😀 Thanks for the reference! It's good to know who's who around these parts. 😁

I have killed some of his beautiful lemon Lelupies:poop::D


I might actually love to get some Tangs as well. Frontosa are Tangs and the compressiceps that are so great in the rocks. They do well together, if raised, together, or can anyway. Holla. Mbuna are so interesting, but every fish in lake Tang descended from a single common ancestor, fact. What does that mean? That they have been isolated as long as the rift lakes have been and every lake is different. Fact. Malawi is not Tang, for instance, for a reason. Blah blah. They like hard water, we have hard water, so that is a natural advantage right there. Discus, not so much. It's not their fault. Soft, slow, blackwater conditions are hard to recreate and make look good in a tank. C'est la vie. It can be done. But I like a bull Frontosa, with some clown loaches and shrimp that he doesn't eat. Ya dig? Or something Tang interesting, myself. Or I can get some more Mbuna. As the profit wills it to be done. What ever you choose. I choose none, personally. But, you know, business.
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