Albino BN Plecos


I hatched a large group of plecos a few weeks ago and just found another large number of eggs that the male is guarding today. Is there a market for these fish or should I separate the male and female? I counted 42 at one time from the first hatch. Not sure if they will all make it because I have a planted 125g that they’re in so there’s plenty of places for them to hide and I cant find them to count them all. I know that I can sell the first batch to my LFS but these fish live a long time and I don’t think this is a common schooling fish where people will buy a group of them. It might not take long for the local market to be saturated and I don’t have the tank space for 50 new fish every month lol.


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Bn are very desirable and sell well at swaps and auctions. You need to grow them up to 1" total length and bag them in groups of 2 or 3 they always sell but you are never going to get rich with them. I have a group in my 125 that I have had for 10+ years. I rarely see babies anymore, but I see different big ones. I have too many predatory fish, like my ropefish, in the tank now.

They easiest thing to do rather than trying catch the babies is let them grow up "naturally" in the tank and see how many survive. when they get to sellable size, trap them out of the tank. I can show you how to make cheap and easy fish traps next time I see you.

Good Luck