A few diy's around the fishroom.

Mitch mackey

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didn't have the lighting controller built at this point but the plumbing is done.

water change day goes quickly with 1.25" hoses.

water filtration to make remove the chlorine. also able to build water for specific needs.

par 38 led built out of some conduit and lamp repair ends.

pleco breeding caves with removable tops so you can check on actifity/ harvest eggs.

hydronic heating for the fishroom. so I can finally remove the space heater from the middle of the room.

don't buy those python hooks..... I have built an electron auto shut of version of this also..... just one more part from china then I'll upload the spoiler.

I think this little feller will have its own post once it's complete. I have been taking progress pictures. so hopefully I Can show whats involved with doing something like this.

Mitch mackey

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I've seen his fishroom in person and it is even more impressive. Mitch loves the mechanical aspects of the hobby.
It’s unfortunate I can’t get an angle to capture the entire room I’ll have to make an update video Once the 75’s are in