75 Gallon w/Stand & Canopy


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Kelly, very interesting with a chiller. What types of livestock were you keeping in this. This might be a great project tank for keeping native fish! I have kept darters alive but usually not for more than 6 months being the enjoy spring fed water. I am really going to think long and hard on this tonight. What part of town are you in?
I got this tank when I lived in Florida. Obviously being in Florida with such high temps and humidity most tanks down there we have chillers on. Also incase ac goes out we have a way of maintaining a steady temp of 78-80. I kept a mixed reef of fish and sps corals.
I had clowns, tangs, wrasse, lion fish, blenny, tube worms, mushrooms, anemones, hammers, candy canes, clams, frogspawns, a answer etc.
I live in Belton off of Y Hwy (163rd).