2023 HAAS Schedule

2023 HAAS Schedule

– February 11, 2023 - Meeting and mini plant auction - Workshops and giant Plant Sale - (Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries)
Additionally: Workshops - Bagging Fish, Photos for the website, BAP (Breeders Award Program)

Mar – March 11, 2023 - HAAS Spring Auction. Register to sell at www.mygroupauctions.com

Apr – April 8, 2023 - ZOOM Meeting - Rick Borstein "Sixty More Tips in Sixty Minutes" Zoom details to be provided in March.
Wet Spot group order. Details to order from Wet Spot and take advantage of the group buy to also be provided in March.

May – May 13, 2023 - Spring Swap

Jun – June 10, 2023 - Justin Titus - "Aquatic Plants: Know it and Grow it!"

Jul – July 8, 2023 - Meeting – Jan Olson, HAAS, Apistogramma

Aug – August 12, 2023 - Summer Swap

Sep – September 9, 2023 - Meeting - Josh Cunningham - Cichlids

Oct – October 14, 2023 - Fall Auction

Nov – November 11, 2023 - Meeting - Dr. Steve - Breeding Tetras
Officer elections for 2024.

Dec – December 9, 2023 - Potluck Xmas party and 2024 Planning Session

Archive Dates:
January 14, 2023 - Meeting - Michi Tobler, K State, "The Amazing Diversity of Livebearers!"
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Cunningham Cichlids Josh Cunningham.
"Part of a fish club and looking for speakers? Look no further, currently booking dates for 2023. I have five talks below available at the moment. Also part of the American Cichlid Association speaker program. So far I have the below booked:

January 8th - Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA)
April 8th - Grand Valley Aquarium Club (GVAC)
May 5th - San Francisco Aquarium Society (SFAS)
May 6th - Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS)
Nov 2nd - Circle City Aquarium Club (CC…
#cunninghamcichlids #fishjustisntmybusinessitsmypassion #cunninghamtropicals
Josh is a good option but before I check into anyone else, I want to have a good discussion with the membership this Saturday regarding what people speakers on. I have been making most of those calls for the past several years and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to provide input.