2022 HAAS Summer Swap - August 13, 2022 - 11AM-2PM


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The HAAS Spring Swap is coming. Want to sell some of your fish or aquatic supplies? Here are the details to participate!

Sellers - Tables are $20 each with each extra table being $15 for casual sellers. Membership does have its privileges! HAAS Members are $15 for the first table and $10 for each additional! If you are unsure of your membership status, email me at michael@meyer.net.

This is like a garage sale (or group of garage sales) where the sellers just rent a table from HAAS. We will help advertise to get buyers to the HAAS Swap and you get to wheel and deal however you want on your items! We will collect the "table rent" money at the event.

You can sell anything aquatic (that is legal in the state of Missouri). You will be responsible for making your own transactions, so let folks know how you can accept payments (Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp or Bitcoin. HAAS will have our own table where you can donate an item to the club or turn in your BAP items. But we stay out of everyone else's business transactions. Sellers can register for a table by emailing michael@meyer.net or call/text me at 913.568.4014. I will list out those with tables and a short list of what they will be specializing in or bringing to the event below in this thread and I encourage everyone to list or post pictures of their items on here as well!

Sellers, you will get separate directions on when you can set up. If you have questions email or call/text me at 913.568.4014

Buyers - Free entry! But you will have to check in! Swap is from 11AM to 2 PM for the buyers. Gashland Presbyterian Church. Keep checking the forum to see what people are bringing.

This is a great fun event where you can mingle and talk fish all you want. Good luck to our sellers selling your wares and good luck to buyers on picking up new fish, plants and equipment!

Gashland Presbyterian Church
8029 North Oak Trafficway
Gladstone, MO 64118
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Here is our current Vendor list from 8/12/2022. Keep in mind some sellers are getting multiple tables. We are already at the number of tables that we had at our last Swap with now 36 of 37 tables reserved.
SellerHighlights of available itemsTables
Andrew HigleyGuppies, Blue Dream shrimp1
Anique AkhtarLED Lights, Fish, Plants, Décor and filters1
Charles GibbonsCorys, guppies1
Dave Waddell93 gallon rimless cube, Custom stand, Eshops sump, Octo skimmer1
David DayFish, Plants, Snails, Misc Aquarium Items. PVC fittings1
David MeyersBucephalandra plants, driftwood, botanicals2
Duane PerryPlants, possibly fish from NE KS area!1
HAAS TableHAAS Donations -Jeff Curts3
Happy Fish KCSW Corals and Livestock - Locally propogated!2
Harold HathawayGuppies, cichlids, livebearers, equipment1
Jack TaylorBN Plecos, Corys2
Jan OlsonApistos and other dwarf cichlids, livebearers, plants & equipment2
Jonathan BraesslerPlants, shrimp, multi's guppies, maybe green dragon plecos1
Julian GonzalezCaridina shrimp, Exotic Plants, Misc aquarium equipment.2
Kai RogersFrontosa, axolotls1
Key AquaticsJava fern, floating plants, decor, red, orange& blue shrimp1
Matthew MerzCorys, Neolamprologus multifasciatus, Angels, Guppies, Snails, Plants1
Michael MeyerCatfish, Cichlids, Livebearers1
Pete ZarilloTanks, SW supplies1
Randy HolmesBN Plecos3
Roger SimmondsPeacocks, Mbuna, Catfish, and used equipment2
Salina BlissRicefish, Mystery Snails and plants1
Tim EckerleyCongo tetras, daisy’s rice fish, red tuxedo guppies, Kribs, plus plants2
Todd MengerPlants1
Walter GrundenStar Sapphires Cichlids, Pseudotropheus zebra albino blues1
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Our response to our swap sale is doing so much better than I expected. We already filled up our regular layout, so we have increased the size of our layout by 25%. There are currently 7 spots left with some folks already thinking about it. This is looking to be a great event. Mark it on your calendars so you don't forget. If you have been thinking about reserving a table act soon. You don't want to be left out. See everyone in a couple weeks at the Big HAAS Summer Swap Sale.


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I'll try to make some signs beforehand to close off the entrance next to Randy's tables. Last time we had some confusion as to which entrance was the main entrance.


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More Saltwater! Shane from HappyFishKC will be bringing lots of corals. You might want to check out his website to see what he is currently carrying in stock.


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Hi guys, Im looking for some Placidochromis Phenochilus mdoka whitelips if anybody has any available? Thanks Luke
I am bringing 2 new inline pond pumps. About 1/2 of retail. One Iwaxi WMD 20RLXT 1/38 hp $150 retails over $310
Little Giant 3MDQX-SC $140 retail $277.
One new submersible mag pump Pondmaster 3600 $100 retail $228
I nice 55 gallon tank and metal stand.
Star Sapphire cichlids
Albino blue fin Pseudotropheus Zebras, not red zebras.
1/2 black blue guppies.
water lettuce
water hyacinths
beta bowls w/lights
k-1 media
I am sure I can find some more stuff to sell.


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Summer Swap Raffle Items

Raffle Item 1
Freshwater Prize Pack

That Fish Place $50 gift Card
Aquatic Arts $50 Gift Certificate
Aquarium Co-Op $50 Gift Card

Raffle Item 2
Pond Prize Pack

Next Day Koi.com $50 gift Card
AzPonds $25 Gift Certificate
Practical Garden Ponds $100 Gift Card

Raffle Item 3
Aquael LED Light

32 watt Plant light
List $145.00


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Thanks to everyone for making our swap a spectacular event. It was by far our best attended swap that we have done since I have been with the club which plus years! Thanks to everyone for planning, prepping, participating and cleaning up after for this event. There are a lot of people involved and I want to thank everyone! Special shout out to all the new sellers. I hope you had a great time and not only sold stuff but got to mingle with a lot of fishy friends. Feel free to reach to me if you have any questions or comments. I hope to be in better health next year so I can bring more items to sell. Feel free to comment on here with what you picked up at the swap. I got some of Walter's Placidochromis Phenochilus "Star Saphire" cichlids, some Albino Kribs from Randy, and some gorgeous Tri-Color swordtails from Charles Gibbons. I am pretty stoked with a 3 of these purchases! What all did you get at the swap?


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Sounds like a successful day to me. I picked up a couple of super reds from Jack Taylor, 3 black Venezuelan Cory’s from Charles Gibbons, and 10 albino Cory’s from the guy who was next to Jack (he did not have a name on his table.) They all look great 30 hours in. I also picked up quite a few plants from Randy, Anique, Matthew Metz, and some equipment from the HAAS table and Randy.