2022 HAAS Spring Swap - May 14, 2022 - 11 AM to 2 PM

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The HAAS Summer Swap is coming. Want to sell some of your fish or aquatic supplies? Here are the details to participate!

Sellers - Tables are $20 each with each extra table being $15 for casual sellers. Membership does have its privileges! HAAS Members are $15 for the first table and $10 for each additional! If you are unsure of your membership status, email me at michael@meyer.net.
You can sell anything aquatic (that is legal in the state of Missouri). You will be responsible for making your own transactions, so let folks know if you take PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, Rubbles, Monopoly money or good hard cash. HAAS will have our own table and we stay out of everyone else's business. This is like a group of garage sales. Just rent the table from HAAS. We will help advertise and you get to wheel and deal however you want! We will collect money at the event. Sellers can register for a table by emailing michael@meyer.net. I will list out those with tables and a short list of what they will be specializing in.

Buyers - Free entry! 11AM to 2 PM. Gashland Presbyterian Church. Keep checking the forum to see what people are bringing.

Gashland Presbyterian Church
8029 North Oak Trafficway
Gladstone, MO 64118

We also will have some give aways from a new Spanish company!
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Here is the start of our swap seller list. In alphabetic order (by last name/business name)
Name (Tables Needed) - Items Desc
David Day (1) - Mystery Snails, Misc Aquarium Items
Caleb Dowlen (1) - Custom aquatic furniture!!
Tim Eckerley (1) - Red tuxedo guppy’s, Kribs, Longfin white clouds, Red root floaters and other plants, Hardy water lilies
Charles Gibbons (1) - Corys, guppies
Julian Gonzalez (2) - Caridina shrimp, Exotica Plants, Misc aquarium equipment.
Michael Grant (Key Aquatics) (1) - Shrimp, Plants, Guppies
Walter Grunden (1) - Plants, cichlids, livebearer, misc equipment
HAAS Items - Jeff Curts (3) - HAAS Donations
Andrew Higley (1) - Guppies
Randy Holmes (3) -
Michael Meyer (2) - Catfish, Cichlids, Livebearers
Jan Olson (1) - Apistos and other dwarf cichlids, livebearers, some plants and probably some assorted equipment and substrate
David Ortega (1) - Aquarium equipment. Heaters, pumps, skimmers
Kai Rogers (1) - plecos, livebearers and some oddballs
Roger Simmonds (2) - Peacocks, mbuna and aquarium equipment
Jack Taylor (1) - Plecos, Corys
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Mike Meyer - Here is what I plan to bring to the swap:
Synodontis lucipininnis
Dolphin cichlids - Cyrtocara moorii
Panamense Cichlids -
Geophagus winemilleri
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Have we started sending out email reminders to previous years sellers? I'd like to start planning social media posts to advertise who and what will be at the swap.
If there are any sellers that would like to have their fish displayed on our social media pages send me an Imgur link and ill post it on Facebook, and instagram. Ive had several people on Facebook ask about cichlids and guppies.
I appolgize to everyone for getting behind this week. I had a little stay in the hospital. I am getting caught starting on Monday. Feel free to email me at michael@meyer.net if I have missed you or you can call me at 913.568.4014
We are up to 17 tables spoken for! Less than a week to go. I rephrased the pricing as there was some confusion on what we were asking for each table. We'd love to have more participate, but already are set up for a great crowd!
I appolgize to everyone for getting behind this week. I had a little stay in the hospital. I am getting caught starting on Monday. Feel free to email me at michael@meyer.net if I have missed you or you can call me at 913.568.4014
sorry to hear you were in the hospital. It just shows we are all getting old and frail.
We will be bringing:
Apistogramma cacatuoides 'Triple Red' juvies
Keyhole cichlids
Dwarf Golden cichlids - plenty of juvies and my breeders
Julidochromis marlierii
Lots of assorted Platies and Guppies
Guppy Grass
Java Moss
Cichlid caves
Substrate - from small bags of new gravel to buckets of Eau Clair sand
Plus a few more odds and ends
Some notes about the swap...
  • Sellers. Make sure you bring cash to make change. Carla will not be at the event to make change.
  • If you need access to power, let me know. Either text me at 913.568.4014 or email me at michael@meyer.net
  • Jeff will have limited access to get HAAS items to the event. Harold is helping him out, but don't expect the normal amount of stuff that Jeff normally brings. This is good for all the other sellers to take advantage of this and sell their own stuff!
  • Tim will be selling brownies if anyone needs a little pick me up snack.
  • The swap starts at 11 and lasts till 2PM.
  • The Church will have a charity food drive going at the same time as our event. The Church will be passing out food for those in need and will complicate parking a little. You'll need to park in the upper parking lot or past the basketball goals which will be a little inconvenient but please respect the Church's other projects and allow room for those that need it.
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Well, last Saturday turned out to be a really good event. Thanks to all of the buyers and sellers that participated. Hope to have a few more giveaways to spice things up for our next event!
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I had hoped to have some door prizes ready to go for this swap, but life got in the way. :rolleyes:Hopefully I will be ready for August.
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