2020 Schedule

2020 HAAS Schedule

Nov- November 14th Meeting - officer elections for 2021. This meeting will give us a trial for how to conduct meetings in the age of COVID. We will not be serving any food and there will be some restrictions on where we can go in the Church, but they are areas we don't go to anyway. We will have a mini auction of club items. The meeting should be light and we can discuss our plans for the next auction and other big events.
Was Dave Schumacher
Dave’s Rare Aquarium fish - May get changed

Dec – December 12th PotLuck Xmas party and 2021 Planning Session - This may get updated due to new Covid rules we have to follow.

Months in green have confirmed speakers

I have started working on the 2021 Schedule if anyone has suggestions.

Previous meetings for 2020
Jan – January 11th Meeting Jason Wilson Cichlids, new foods and Fritz products
Feb – February 8th Plant Sale Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries plants Julian Gonzalez title TBA

Mar – March 14th Spring Auction - POSTPONED. New date TBD. www.mygroupauctions.com - Register early!!!
Apr –April 11th Meeting POSTPONED. Shawn Flynn Pure Fish Works Apisto’s
May – May 9th Meeting POSTPONED. Pond Plant Buy? Cary Strong Warm Water Pathology
Jun – June 13th Picnic POSTPONED. Meeting Picnic
Jul – July 11th Meeting POSTPONED. Carolyn Weise “Really Big Aquariums” (ponds)
Aug – August 8th SWAP Meet POSTPONED
Sep – September 12th Meeting – POSTPONED Danté Fenolio Cave fish around the world
Oct – October 10th Fall Auction POSTPONED.
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I will look but I don't think we have any fertilizer left. I think we sold it all at the Feb meeting.
Nice. I will be up in KC next weekend and if you have and iron rich fertilizer
Dang! Wish I would have seen this! I just spent upwards of $200 building my first sump (milestones, right?! :D ) just so I could install a DIY waterfall style scrubber. A Santa Monica for $40? That's a steal!
Still have only made one sale of Chlor-AmX so plenty of stuff remaining including 2 Santa Monica scrubbers.
OK, I have updated the HAAS calendar for Post Pandemic meetings! We will for sure have a meeting on Nov 14th. We may have a prelim practice meeting on Oct 24th. but that hasn't been fully OK'd by the Church. I'll update this thread on Monday or Tuesday after we hear for sure.
Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 14, 2020. It will be election day for us, too. If you want to help out as an officer we would love the help. Just email officers@kcfishclub.org. This email address has all the current officers on it.
Shout out to Ray who came by yesterday and bought a gallon of Ultimate from the club. The club thanks you for your support