2020 Bowl Show Schedule


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Here is something we have never had before a bowl show schedule in advance of the month of the show. Now you shoud be able to plan ahead and hopefully more people will participate in the program. Each month first place recieves $15 BIN Cash, second $10 and all participants recieve $5. Then after November I will total up all over the points and award year long prizes.

2020 HAAS Bowl show Schedule

Jan – January 11th Meeting Jason Wilson Cichlids, new foods and Fritz products Anything goes Let's start the year off with something where everyone can participate.
Feb – February 8th Julian Gonzalez plants
Mar – March 14th Spring Auction No Bowl Show
Apr –April 11th Meeting Shawn Flynn Pure Fish Works Apisto’s South American fish 10 extra points if your bowl contains an apisto.
May – May 9th Cary Strong Warm Water Pathology Anything goes
Jun – June 13th Picnic –Meeting Picnic –location TBD No Bowl Show
Jul – July 11th Meeting Carolyn Weise “Really Big Aquariums” (ponds) pond fish and/or plants
Aug – August 8th SWAP Meet No Bowl Show
Sep – September 12th Meeting – Danté Fenolio Cave fish around the world Anything goes 10 extra points if your bowl contains cave fish
Oct – October 10th Fall Auction No Bowl Show
Nov- November 14th Meeting Dave Schumacher Dave’s Rare Aquarium fish Cichlids
Dec – December 12th PotLuck Xmas party and 2021 Planning Session No Bowl Show


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Update I have some of the year long prizes picked out.
  1. 1st and 2nd receive a year subscription to Amazonas
  2. choice of LED light AquaEffects model 1 list $65, AquaEffects model 2 list $92, Aquasun LED HO 18” List $60 1st gets first choice, 2nd 2nd choice and 3rd remainder.
  3. more prizes may follow.