2019 June HAAS Meeting - Annual Picnic - June 8th, 2019 - 1 PM - Ryan Anderson's House in Lawrence, KS

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Ryan has graciously agree to again be a host of our annual picnic. He is recovering from his heart issues and oral surgery and a near miss of that big tornado!!! Hopefully, we can have a nice peaceful meeting for Ryan's sake!!! Ryan will show us his beautiful discus and I am hoping to demo a few things on our website as well. Mostly we are going to eat and talk fish. There will be raffles and drawings, so get there early! Be sure to bring extra funds so you can visit Pet World after we wrap up!
As usual the club will provide the main dish, drinks and utensils. If you want to bring an appetizer, side dish or desert that would be great! I'll update this posting as we make changes. See you on June 8th at 1 PM!
Ryan's Place
2413 Whitehall Manor
Lawrence, KS 66049
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For those of you who don't know Ryan has been a professional chef for years so you know the Meat he makes will be incredible. Hope to see everyone there it is well worth the trip to Lawrence.
That was a great turnout for the picnic! Thanks Ryan for generously donating your time for our picnic and giving us the grand tour. It was a great time! Hope everyone else enjoyed it!