2019 April HAAS Meeting - Bret Aulgur of Designer Clowns 4/13/2019

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Come meetup with Bret Aulgur of Designer Clowns
1:00 to 4:00 PM
Mini Auction to Follow
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Since our speaker is from the marine side our bowl show will also be marine, so it will include anything living in a marine tank. I know not everyone has a marine tank (including myself) therefore I will also include all invertebrates in the show.


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Speakers bio:

Bret and his wife Kathy started their first saltwater tank (30 gallon high) in the early 80’s, when everything was so much less complicated and expensive! Children and other demands eventually ended the initial foray into saltwater, so the now 80 gallon was taken down and stored away. Then around 10 years ago the 80 gallon was resurrected for the ‘kids.’ Then with minimal interest from the kids, Bret and Kathy became addicted to the saltwater hobby. The 80-gallon morphed into a 175 bowfront. Soon a 150, 30, and 55-gallon reef were added. Bret set up all the tanks with sumps for all but the 30-gallon and built the stand/hood for 150 and hood for 175 bow.

The real fun began, when around a year ago, Kathy noticed their 3 year old pair of Snowcasso’s, in the 175 reef, had laid eggs. After a great deal of study and getting set up for and growing phytoplankton and rotifers, they were ready for the next batch to hatch. Finally, there were tiny little fry swimming in a green, murky, rotifer infested swamp. Did not take long to realize how much WORK this was going to be, but that did not stop anything, in fact it just kept growing. Lot of failures, a few successes, and a year later a decent number for designer clowns are here. Bret has taken the bulk of the clown remaining work, and between work and the clown fish there is not much time remaining. It is a ton of work and difficult to get it all figured out; but overall very enjoyable

Bret Aulgur

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Hi all - looking forward to presenting clowns and anemones at the April 13th meeting!

In the mean time - please see following link for my website and pics of currently available clowns. I am targeting 50% of retail so very good pricing.

$15-$25 for perculas, platinums, picasso's and picasso premiums. $40 for SnowOnyx Extreme Picasso's.. I do have rainbow bubbletip anemones I can sell with clown purchase.

https://designerclowns-breederdirectpricing.com/ - go to bottom of PRODUCT page

If any questions or would like to stop by and see selection - please call me at 816.560.3924


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Bret's talk Saturday was great. His fish looked great and they are all trained to host with anemones. If you want clowns you should definitely check his out.


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I agree, great talk and fantastic fish. I am not a saltwater person, so it was amazing to watch all of the clown fish Hanging out so close to the anemones.