Paul G

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After observing them in the receiving tank, I decided to send them to the display tank rather than quarantining. My principal concern is protozoan ectoparasites. I invariably quarantine acquisitions from local shops. Highly reputable dealers selling tank-raised fish set a pretty high standard. Those neons were clearly ich free. The holding Q-tank is ready to accept fish, but without having had occupants for some time its bio-filter community is not large enough to ensure against sudden impact of this number of fish. I was anxious to release them from that bag into a healthy environment. There were no mortalities.

They like their new home, joining the twelve existing neons. Immediately they were active, displayed good color, and fed voraciously. I am well pleased with Wetspot's quality. I will be ordering another batch of neons from Wetspot soon.

Thanks again for arranging this, Jeff. That worked out well.

Paul G

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Today's numbers

pH: 6.8
ORP: 523 mV
TDS: 320 ppm
NO3: 13 ppm
PO4: 3 ppm
K: 40 ppm
Fe: 0.30 ppm
dKH: 6.6
dGH: 2.8
Ca: 14.4 ppm
Mg: 3.4 ppm
Ca/Mg: 4.2/1

Water is very soft and macronutrients abundant.