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Hi, I'm unfortunately tearing down my 125g as life has gotten busy for me to care for it. I'm located in Warrensburg but am in Overland Park and near Country Club Plaza on the weekends. I can only take livestock, plants, and equipment.

The 125g used to be high tech, it has not had fertilizers or co2 for months so I would say it's low tech now. It's been in neglect for longer than I should say. I have just been feeding and doing water changes/top offs now and then. Plants are quite stunted and unhealthy because of this, I'm not proud of them.

Scientific NameCommon NameQuantityPrice (TOTAL)More Info
Melanotaenia boesemaniBoesemani rainbowfish2 2.0$8
Melanotaenia australisAustralian (western) rainbowfish2 ?.?FreeOne is quite sickly sadly...
Melanotaenia trifasciataBanded rainbowfish2 1.1$20Large female about 3.5-4".
Melanotaenia trifasciata FRYBanded rainbowfish7 (?)$10Less than 1/2"
Melanotaenia splendida inornataSplendid/Checkered (eastern) rainbowfish5 ?.?$10Nice fins
Phenacogrammus interruptusCongo tetra5 4.1$20Breeders, about 2-2.5".
Rasbora sarawakensisSarawak rasbora10$15Been in my blackwater tank with ~5.0 pH
Corydoras aeneusBronze corydoras3 (?)FreeLarge tank, don't really know how many I have left.

Scientific NameCommon NamePrice (TOTAL)More info
Pogostemon stellatusFree
Rotala sp. mixFree
Alternanthera reineckiiARFree
Hygrophila wisteriaFree
Hygrophila sp. mixFree
Bacopa monnieriFree
Nesea pedicellataFree
Nymphaea sp. 'Taiwan'Taiwan lilyFree
Vallisneria americana 'Red Jungle'Red eel grassFree
Samolous valerandi$8Misidendified often as S. parviflorus
Echinodorus bleheriBleheri sword$10Looks and grows like Amazon sword. This and many other plants in its genus are commonly known as Amazon swords.
Sagittaria subulataDwarf sagittariaFree

ItemQuantityPriceMore Info
125g tank itself (72x18x21)1$150
Cinderblocks24FreeFree After 125g tank is sold
Large driftwood1$20
20g long tank (30x12x12)1$20
29g high tank (30x12x18)1$20
4x2x1' Animal Plastic PVC reptile cages2$80 each
$150 both
Has been modified to hold a heat and UVB light above.
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