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  1. kcmikey

    2020 Schedule

    We will have to ask. I also will need to check with MASI to see how they did their tents and tables. Shaded would be better for the fish and it would likely be a pretty short event. BTW, there is a youtube video on MASI's event.
  2. kcmikey

    HAAS Meetings for 2020 - Update

    Normally about 30 is average but can get close to 50. Loose Park is a nice centrally located park. We used to hold meetings there when I first started with the club back around 1990 or so.
  3. kcmikey

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    Happy Birthday, Tasha!
  4. kcmikey

    2020 Schedule

    Jeff, I think you should go ahead and post up some items on here and on the band site to sell. No use in sitting on it as I am sure the wife would love to liquidate your stock of goodies!
  5. kcmikey

    2020 Schedule

    Has anyone viewed how the St. Louis club conducted their swap? They moved it outside under tents. Not sure how it went but looks interesting and probably a bit complicated to manage, but something we may want to think about.
  6. kcmikey

    HAAS Meetings for 2020 - Update

    If anyone wants to make suggestions on activities, feel free to comment on this thread. Here are a couple to start. Virtual meetings - various topics Virtual fishroom tours Shop tours - might be good to try and promote stores and club at the same time Road trip to Columbia or Lawrence for those...
  7. kcmikey

    HAAS Meetings for 2020 - Update

    The Church where we normally meet has decided based on recommendations from the CDC and Clay County Public Health directives to not allow any meetings till after Labor day. They will review this decision around that time. That means we will NOT be holding any HAAS meetings at the Church till at...
  8. kcmikey

    2020 Schedule

    We may know more by next weekend. There will be a lot of social distancing required and lots of clean up following the event. But we won't know for sure until the Church board meets this week. Stay tuned for more details.
  9. kcmikey

    The club meetings at the Church are still on hold

    We are still on hold about club meeting at the Church. My understanding is the Church board is meeting this week to determine an official process for outside clubs to meet at the Church. We will update the website when we hear more.
  10. kcmikey

    Southwest Missouri

    You may be physically far flung. But most of us are mentally far flung!
  11. kcmikey

    Algae Scrubbers?

    There was someone that experimented with some DIY algae scrubbers a few summers back, but don't recall their name.
  12. kcmikey

    Southwest Missouri

    I think it is a great idea to roadtrip to events. Things that are 4-6 hours make for great fishy conversation. We have taking a lot of excursions down near Joplin and other parts of Southern Missouri to go collecting fish. We go about every other year. Plus we often roadtrip to Rogers for the...
  13. kcmikey

    Hey, Y'all! I'm Zach! Glad to be here. :)

    Zach, there is a club out of Rogers Arkansas that has a few members sprinkled up near Joplin and Springfield. Its a great club and worth the roadtrip to see their speakers and participate in their auctions. BTW, nice collection of micro fish! I love the little guys!
  14. kcmikey

    ISO Super Red plecos

    You'll like Jack's Bristlenose. They are a very nice color!
  15. kcmikey

    ISO Super Red plecos

    Have you talked with Jack Taylor? He has some very nice reds. I am not sure how many he has spawned yet, but I'd check him out.
  16. kcmikey

    Yellow and Blue OB’s

    Yellow and Blue OB Peacocks?
  17. kcmikey

    Hillstream Loaches?

    They are not the easiest to breed but it can be done. I have teetered on setting up a stream tank for them to breed it. Someday it will happen! Most likely you'll need to get them fro a local store or maybe Wetspot. Wetspot almost always has them. I have purchased from them numerous times with...
  18. kcmikey

    Any local breeders of African Haps or Peacocks?

    Chris, I have a gorgeous full adult Nimbochromis venustus if you are interested. I actually have 3 males and need to thin out the group.
  19. kcmikey

    Help me figure out photos please

    I use the website imgur as it is free and then just paste the appropriate link from that site into it. You can call if you want to discuss and we can do one over the phone. I struggled my first couple times but find its easier now. Just took me a little practice! My cell is 913-568-4014
  20. kcmikey

    40 Gallons tanks - with glass tops - $35 each - Shawnee, KS

    Tanks are 48" tall x 18 front to back. Height is about 12 to 13" Both tanks are drilled pretty low in the back middle of the tank. With 3/4" PVC, but capped currently.