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  1. jcurts

    Tentative Schedule for 2020

    2020 HAAS Schedule Jan – January 11th Meeting Jason Wilson Cichlids, new foods and Fritz products Feb – February 8th Plant buy Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries plants Dustin Wunderlich Dustin's Fishtanks Mar – March 14th Spring Auction Apr –April 11th Meeting Shawn Flynn Pure Fish...
  2. jcurts

    Schedule for 2019

    2019 HAAS Schedule Jan – January 12th Meeting Lou Ekus Reef Chemistry Feb – February 9th Meeting Plant Buy Plants donated by Florida Aquatic Nurseries plants Sizemore/Bretts Mar – March 9th Spring Auction Apr –April 13th Meeting Bret Aulgur Designer Clowns Marine May – May 11th Meeting Pond...
  3. jcurts

    2019 April HAAS Meeting - Bret Aulgur of Designer Clowns 4/13/2019

    Since our speaker is from the marine side our bowl show will also be marine, so it will include anything living in a marine tank. I know not everyone has a marine tank (including myself) therefore I will also include all invertebrates in the show.
  4. jcurts

    Tanganyika Cichlids by James Wagner

    thanks for the update James
  5. jcurts

    2019 Spring Auction - March 9th, 2019

    go to my group auctions and sign up to the HAAS auctions. I don't remember the process but it was not hard.
  6. jcurts

    Who we are ...

    My name is Curts and Curtis. If I was my grandmother I would be sending a hit team after you:D