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  1. vencrypt

    125g (+ others) - Everything for Sale/Giveaway

    Hi, I'm unfortunately tearing down my 125g as life has gotten busy for me to care for it. I'm located in Warrensburg but am in Overland Park and near Country Club Plaza on the weekends. I can only take livestock, plants, and equipment. The 125g used to be high tech, it has not had fertilizers...
  2. vencrypt

    Hello from Warrensburg

    Hi, I'm a 3rd-year Ecology student from UCM with an interest in wetland ecology. I am interested in the preservation and conservation of fish. I specialize in various species of rainbowfish and gouramis. I have bred 3 species of rainbowfish (M. trifasciata, kamaka, herbertaxelrodi), and hoping...