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    Aquarium for sale

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    Aquarium for sale

    135 gallon aquarium with wooden stand. Also have hood with lights. $160
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    Auction Seller Checks

    All Seller Checks were put in Tuesday's mail, March 29th. If you haven't received your check in a week, please let me know. Carla
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    Auction Seller Checks

    I am ready to write checks to the sellers. If you would rather be paid by PayPal, please let me know by 6:00 PM Friday, March 25th. Thanks, Carla
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    2021 Holiday Party, Saturday, Dec 11. 1-4PM

    The club is providing brisket and ham. Also, drinks and paper products. Harold is making baked beans.
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    Fall Auction checks

    Sorry for the delay. Was waiting to find out who wanted what. Then Thanksgiving came. Enough excuses...checks have been written. Those who wanted their check mailed, it will be in Tuesday mail. Dropped it off at post office this afternoon. PayPal payment was made today. The follow sellers...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
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    Tank cleaning problem

    Please help. We have these green spots on the glass and can't get rid of them You will notice the black at the bottom. Have a huge pleco in the tank but he isn't getting rid of it. Any suggestions????
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    Mike, I sent you an email. Names of members who have paid through paypal. Carla

    Mike, I sent you an email. Names of members who have paid through paypal. Carla
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    ACA in St Louis in July 2021

    Harold talked me into going. He has his ticket and we have the hotel booked.
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    Merry Christmas

    Harold and Carla wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It is Christmas Eve with no snow. Our fish are happy with no snow!!!!! Hope everyone stays healthy and is ready for 2021. Hopefully we will see you sometime soon. Happy New Year!!
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    Fish Masks

    Has anyone seen masks with fish on them?? Harold has Chief's, Royals, and School Buses. But no fish.
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    NEWS !!!! - HAAS Meetings resume for 2020 - Next meeting 11/14/20!

    Please remember if you come, help clean up afterwards. Sorry no food or drinks provided.
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    NEWS !!!! - HAAS Meetings resume for 2020 - Next meeting 11/14/20!

    Harold has now decided to come. I read this thread and he smiled. I knew I was in trouble!!! LOL.
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    Help needed

    Around 12:30 on Sunday. Try to get you home for the Chiefs game!!!
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    Help needed

    Harold and I had a fire this past week. One of the outlets became over heated. The firemen came and kept it mainly in the back room, the fishroom. We need some help moving his fish tanks outside. They are already empty. Was wondering if anyone can help us. Sunday afternoon is what we are...
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    First meeting of 2020. Jason Fitz.

    Are we still having the meeting??
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    December Meeting

    Harold is bringing baked beans. Can't have pulled pork without baked beans. :D(y);)
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    HAAS Members Randy and David

    Sending lots of positive thoughts, hugs, and love to both men and their families. Carla and Harold