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    Beta Mahachai for rehoming

    I have a bunch of beta mahachi. To many! Shoot me a PM if you want to work something out. I have males and females and there just starting to color up.
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    In Search Of your bichirs, eels, knife fish, and loaches or any odballs.

    I'm interested in any fish really but especially the ones listed. If they got to big for your tank I can help you out and possibly hook you up with some other fish or plants that will work better for your situation.
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    List of stuff i have and im coming to the jay wilson meeting

    I'm coming to kc saturday for the club meeting. I have lots of plants avalable and I also have a bunch of juvanile fish from dragon blood peacocks. I have multifaciatus shell dwellers avalable and a male apisto from trippe red parents. There is a variety of patterns that can come from them the...