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  1. J

    Aquarium and pea gravel - free

    I have a 5 gallon bucket half full of natural aquarium gravel and another 5 gallon bucket half full of natural color pea gravel. I haven't rinsed the pea gravel, so you would have to wash it first, but they are free to anyone who wants them. I want to keep my buckets, so you'll need to bring...
  2. J

    Hydra, not a disease, but I didn't know where else to post this

    I have been feeding a small amount of microworms once daily in my 10 gallon Dwarf Cory tank at work off and on in an attempt to get them to breed for a couple months now. I went on vacation from two weeks ago and left pre-measured flake food for a coworker to feed while I was gone. When I...
  3. J

    Blue Velvet Shrimp babies!

    I have at least four of the tiniest shrimp I have ever seen in my 10 gallon work tank! I wonder how many more there are hiding?
  4. J

    May meeting

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the May meeting. Matt's presentation on corries was great and the plants I picked up (from Steve) in the mini auction are doing great so far. Thanks for all you guys do to keep this club going!
  5. J

    Needing help selling 120 gal Tank with mature fish

    I'm not able to help, but I hope you were able to get your tank and fish rehomed!
  6. J

    2019 April HAAS Meeting - Bret Aulgur of Designer Clowns 4/13/2019

    I agree, great talk and fantastic fish. I am not a saltwater person, so it was amazing to watch all of the clown fish Hanging out so close to the anemones.