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  1. kcmikey

    Trying to get back in

    This next meeting in February is our big plant event, so you can likely nab some nice plants for a reasonable price if you can make it. I understand that weekends are tough for some folks. Hope you can make it, Tyler! Feel free to bring the little one. We can keep him busy! If not hope to see...
  2. kcmikey

    Trying to get back in

    Glad to see you again Tyler! Facebook is not very kind to Aquarists. Be careful selling or volunteering to rehome fish as they will quickly ban you as it goes aganst the Facebook policies. Our club has had our Facebook page removed because people were discuss those types of topics. If you can...
  3. kcmikey

    2022 HAAS Events Schedule - Updated

    Well, each time is a little different. It will really depend alot on who is going and how far they are willing to travel. I like to travel a little south to some gravel bottomed streams with nice clear water. That makes for a lot of fun collecting. We may split it up with 2 or possible 3...
  4. kcmikey

    Minnesota Aquarium Club Aquarium Expo and Swap - March 19, 2022

    Minnesota Aquarium Society's Aquarium Expo 2022 is scheduled for Saturday, March 19. The last time we did this show (prior to Covid), it drew over 1,000 visitors. We expect to do better this year once the pandemic passes.
  5. kcmikey

    GCCA Tropical Fish Swap - Jan 23, 2022 - Northbrook, IL - $5 Admission

    Here are some links to the giant swap being held in Chicago, IL this Sunday 10AM to 1PM with early admission at 9:30 for $10. Club website - Greater Chicago Cichlid Association - Home ( Map to event - Vendor list - Greater Chicago Cichlid...
  6. kcmikey

    Shane's Happy Fish KC Auction Going on Right Now!

    Check it out! Friday Night Auctions. Very Nice Coral Auctions
  7. kcmikey

    Rare Killifish

    I am not sure what species are available but pretty sure most killies are considered annuals. However, many live longer than a year. I know they grow fast as a result of having to be ready for that next dry period. Fascinating fish!
  8. kcmikey

    Blue eyes and Red bristlenose

    Awesome job Jack. I know I'll be looking for some soon! I like the Red Marbles you brought to our meeting. I'll be a lot more aggressive next time they go thru as I'll have a tank ready to go for them! You can never have too many plecos!
  9. kcmikey

    2023 Schedules - Tentative

    2023 Schedule January 14, 2023 - HAAS General Meeting February 11, 2023 - Giant Early Spring Plant Sale - Donations by Florida Aquatics Nurseries March 11, 2023 - HAAS Spring Auction - Register sales on March 26, 2022 - HAAS Collecting Trip - Locations to be determined...
  10. kcmikey

    HAAS Meeting - January 8th, 2022

    Congrats to Ray Lazono and Bob Weber for winning the raffle - each won a HAAS branded carrying bags! Congrats to Roger Simmonds for taking the lead in the 2022 Bowl Competition!
  11. kcmikey

    HAAS Meeting - January 8th, 2022

    Mike, Hope you enjoyed it. I know there was a lot of discussion but next month should be much more entertaining!
  12. kcmikey

    Quad Cities Fish Swap - Davenport, IA - Sunday, Jan 9th, 2022

    Quad Cities is having a swap this Sunday if anyone is traveling a little Northeast of here in Davenport, IA! Here is a hyperlink you can click on (3) Quad City Fish Swap | Facebook
  13. kcmikey

    HAAS Meeting - January 8th, 2022

    Well, it's that time again! HAAS Meeting Day is already upon us! We are having our first meeting of 2022 on Saturday. Jan. 8th at 1 PM. This will be a fairly casual meeting. We are going to discuss a lot of our normal items like our auctions and swaps coming up for this year. What topics and...
  14. kcmikey

    2022 HAAS Events Schedule - Updated

    Below is a link to the main page for our forum. It has the address and times for our meetings. Welcome to the Heart of America Aquarium Society (HAAS) | HAAS community (
  15. kcmikey

    Rare Killifish

    This sounds like a great opportunity! Anything we can do to help, Walter? Just let us know.
  16. kcmikey

    Mopani wood

    I have heard that wood that has a sugary base often create more of this biofilm. Things like grape stems and such are notorious for this.
  17. kcmikey

    2022 HAAS Events Schedule - Updated

    Tentatively, we are planning a misc discussion on lots of various topics. We will talk about plans for 2022. Auctions vs. Swaps. Hopefully provide some education on the website. It will be guided by what you want to chat about. Pretty casual but mostly we want to talk about the direction the...
  18. kcmikey

    Info About Flip Aquatics

    Really glad to hear they made things right. I have seen a few friends get nailed by Covid and other health issues. It's been a bit sketchy this winter. I was hoping they weren't having similar issues. Good luck with the shrimp when you get em!
  19. kcmikey

    Info About Flip Aquatics

    I have heard of Flip Aquatics but don't have any personal experience or know of anyone that does. I think it is understandable to cancel an order once you have given them some time to respond. You might reach out to Prime Time Aquatics to see if they know how to get ahold of the previous company...
  20. kcmikey

    72 Gallon Bow-Front for Sale

    Good luck on the sale Matt. That sounds like a great setup for $200. Those bowfronts look great when setup! Carla, this sounds like a nice setup for Harold!!!