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  1. kcmikey

    First meeting of 2020. Jason Fitz.

    Jason Fitz will be talking at our HAAS meeting on January 11th, 2020. Jason is on the BOT of the ACA and is a distributor of Northfin foods. More details to follow.
  2. kcmikey

    December Meeting

    Bringing a Christmas Tree sheet cake. I hope it doesn't taste like a tree!
  3. kcmikey

    Hi, I’m mike and I have a problem!

    Love those westies! Such under appreciated types of cichlids!
  4. kcmikey

    Jan Gibbons

    Please keep HAAS members Charles and his wife Jan Gibbons in your thoughts and prayers. to Charles and his wife Jan. Jan was recently diagnosed with Leukemia last week. She is having some detailed tests and an MRI on Christmas Eve. She is keeping a positive attitude as is her hubby Charles...
  5. kcmikey

    HAAS Members Randy and David

    I did get to talk with Randy on Tuesday and he is doing very well. He came home Tuesday AM and says he has lots of energy. He is ready to start his full recovery!
  6. kcmikey

    HAAS Members Randy and David

    I just wanted to let everyone know David Day and Randy Holmes have both been in the hospital having Heart Procedures. David had a couple of Heart Attacks a couple weeks back. He is at home resting now and contemplating his retirement. I haven't had a chance to talk with Jenny yet, but David told...
  7. kcmikey

    WTB clown trigger

    Robert did you ever get a clown trigger? Very cool fish. I know a guy that might be able to get one for you if you are still interested.
  8. kcmikey

    Congrats to Dr. Steve!

    Congrats to Dr. Steve Thornton for being elected to the ACA BOT. Its great to have a local guy on the BOT of a national club. More importantly, someone with such great knowledge and experience working with rare cichlids like he does is going to be great for the ACA. Good luck Dr. Thornton in...
  9. kcmikey

    I'm back

    CDub, I have a couple large Venustus if you are interested in them. $25 each for full size adults. I also have a few other goodies you might enjoy. Instant message me if you are interested in any. Mike
  10. kcmikey

    Fall Auction Seller Checks

    If anyone still has errors on what they got paid, please call or text me at 913-568-4014 or email me at We still had a few hiccups on the final report I gave to Carla. Mike
  11. kcmikey

    Olathe Pets

    Evan has moved away from alot of his marine stock. He has a lot of freshwater fish and plants. Mostly good community fish and lots of cichlids.
  12. kcmikey

    November Meeting

    Also, November is our election for 2020. If anyone wants to run for an office, you can email me in private. We have a few open spots available. We also will discuss the auction, so bring your ideas and opinions. For other news, their was a pair of glasses lost at the auction, so if anyone...
  13. kcmikey

    Jewel Cichlids

    Molly, that link worked.
  14. kcmikey

    I'm back

    Chris, awesome to have you back! What types of fish are you keeping these days?
  15. kcmikey

    2019 Fall Auction. October 12 , 2019.

    We have all of the calculations completed for the auction. I have emailed the info to Carla and she'll be getting payments out as soon as she can. If you have any questions about what your portion email me at
  16. kcmikey

    Frontosa Kigoma Group

    If you want to send me the photo, I can link it to your post. I have gotten pretty good at it!
  17. kcmikey

    2019 Fall Auction. October 12 , 2019.

    Yes, that server crashed on our website, so we had to rebuild the data and it is in a spreadsheet and on a test server. We have all the reports rolled up. There are a couple of membership issues we are addressing but we are super close to being ready.
  18. kcmikey

    2019 Fall Auction. October 12 , 2019.

    Sid if you can, you can go to the site and go to the HAAS auction. You then just give a brief description of each bag. If you have trouble you can call me and we can help get them keyed in. It is just hard with all of our other logistics and setup. My cell number is...
  19. kcmikey

    2019 Fall Auction. October 12 , 2019.

    Well, I guess my Keyholes did not want to go to the auction. Instead they laid another batch of eggs last night. Guess they will get to wait till Spring. Their last batch of babies are just showing the keyhole color pattern. Cute little boogers.
  20. kcmikey

    BAP Report form is available on the forum as a PDF

    Here is the link to the thread. I'll pin it to the top of the BAP threads.