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    Hello from Grandview

    Update 1: Decided to upgrade from the 13.5G Evo to the 32.5G Flex Ordered the Flex, a Fluval PS1 Skimmer, and Heater 40lbs of CaribSea Life Rock 40lbs of CaribSea Ocean Direct (Sadly I couldn't find any black sand from a store and I wanted to see it before I buy to make sure that's what I...
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    72 Gallon Bow Front Tank for Sale
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    Hello from Grandview

    Hello everyone, My name is Jason, I'm 41 and a single father to a 2-year-old little girl. Once upon a time, I had a reef tank but due to circumstances (moving logistics and space) I had to give it up. However, now that I have more space and a daughter, the plan is to build her a tank to share...
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    Anyone ever organize community buys?

    For instance for Air Cargo'd live rock from places like liverocknreef or saltybottomreefcompany, etc? Larger orders typically get discounts, and in my case (putting together a nano-tank) the minimum buy is sometimes too large for my needs, so splitting with people would be a good idea.
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    72 Gallon Bow Front Tank for Sale

    Do you have a picture of the tank?