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  1. kcmikey

    Convicts available - FREE,FREE,FREE!

    In addition to the convicts, I have a Thorichthys ellioti with beautiful spangling. I might be able to add him to the mix. He is in with some peacocks and they have gotten along fabulously for years, but some him getting chased by the male peacock. Of course he spawns all the time so he may have...
  2. kcmikey

    Thorichthys Passionis

    Thank you so much for the passionis. They have settled in very nicely. Mike
  3. kcmikey

    Convicts available - FREE,FREE,FREE!

    Free to good home! One large pink convict and about 5 smaller normal colored varieties. I am in Raymore, MO. Mike 913-568-4014 or Call, Text or Email. Happy to meet up with folks in other parts of town, especially local pet stores :}
  4. kcmikey

    ISO ramshorn snails

    I have a bunch, what part of town are you in? I am in Raymore, MO. I have one tank where they have just exploded in. I like them but too many in there right now. Mike 913-568-4014
  5. kcmikey

    Thorichthys Passionis

    I'd be interested in some pasionis! I have a small group already.
  6. kcmikey

    ACA in St Louis in July 2021

    It is a great time for sure! Might be a little off due to Covid, or it may be crazy because we have had to wait so long! Who knows, but it is close so you can go crazy picking up new fish!
  7. kcmikey

    Fairview Christian Church - Sort of an update

    Fairview Christian Church I posted this link to the Church where we normally meet. That way people can see a little of the background of what the HAAS Team is working thru to have meetings going forward. Basically to summarize, they are not having any gatherings until March 7th. That is their...
  8. kcmikey

    Next meeting - Elections Updated for 2021

    I hope we can figure out something soon. We likely will start out with a meeting or two to make sure we can accommodate crowds. But we will schedule a swap or auction shortly thereafter. As soon as the let us! I'll be honest, auctions are my favorite part of club activities!
  9. kcmikey

    Minnesota Zoom Meeting - Mike Hellweg - March 4th, 2021 7PM.

    Need our fish fix and Covid is not cooperating? The Minnesota club is having a virtual meeting that is open to the public on Thursday Evening, March 4th. The guest speaker is Mike Hellweg. He is a great speaker, author and wonderful fish guy. Let's show the St. Louis club that we are bigger fans...
  10. kcmikey

    Next meeting - Elections Updated for 2021

    Ramon, what types of SW do you have in your tank already?
  11. kcmikey

    Sorry site was down

    Our website provider made an update to our servers and since they renamed the servers we had to go to our URL provider to fix that renaming. Sorry for the hiccup. Hope everyone can get back on and read their posts ok. Mike
  12. kcmikey

    Fish Donation to Texas club(s)

    I think it would be a great idea anyway. The Texas clubs have a lot of cool fish available and would be good to do a box swap to trade some of our stuff for theirs.
  13. kcmikey

    Introduce yourself

    I'll go first Name: Michael Meyer Family? Married to my wife, Trish. Two kids (Corey and Makenzie) and 2 dogs. Club Affiliations: Lifetime member of HAAS and ACA. Sometimes involved with NANFA, MASI and other regional clubs and any that have to do with Catfish. How long in the hobby?: I have...
  14. kcmikey

    Introduce yourself

    Thought this would be a well needed fun activity where each of us can introduce ourselves and tell us a little bit about what you like to do in the aquarium hobby. Name: Where you live: Family? Club affiliations: How long in the hobby?: Favorite types of fish: Anything else you are into beside...
  15. kcmikey

    Check out the latest posts on our fish forum!!!

    Click here to check out the latest posts on our fish forum. A place to talk about all aquatic stuff in the KC and surrounding areas! HAAS community (
  16. kcmikey

    Fish wish list

    I haven't seen too many loaches available. I believe that Olathe Pets did have gudgeons last time I visited but that was prior to the Deep Freeze of 2021. It would be a good idea to call a few stores to see if they have any of those. If none in the KC area, try Columbia Pets and plan a little...
  17. kcmikey


    Sounds good. I may go visit Charlie in Topeka. I'll check to see if he has any to sell. I'll keep you posted. Mike
  18. kcmikey

    Oh the weather outside is frightful

    Hope everyone is doing OK in this deep freeze. If anyone needs help, please post!!! My fishroom is the warmest room in the house! Might have to hide in there more!
  19. kcmikey


    I know the guy in Topeka has his blacks doing well. I have some fry but they are just over a week old. Maybe when the weather warms up, they'll be big enough.
  20. kcmikey

    Misc Fish Available - Raymore,, MO

    I have a couple odds and ends available if anyone is interested. Some West African kribs - juveniles - almost sexable almost 1 inch in length - $1 each - Great little cichlids! Thorichthys ellioti - Good sized adult - $5 Panamense cichlids - Cool pastel mauve and grey colored cichlid. Stays...