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  1. BillyO

    Peacock Cichlids

    I need to reconnect to with him soon.
  2. BillyO

    Fall auction

    I thought all gatherings were canceled for 2020.
  3. BillyO

    Peacock Cichlids

    Looking for anything around 2”+. What all do you have?
  4. BillyO

    Sent you a message.

    Sent you a message.
  5. BillyO

    Peacock Cichlids

    Does anyone locally breed the following Peacocks? Turkis Blue Orchid Sulfurhead German Red (deep red version) Blueberry OB Albino Red OB Hueseri Ethelwynnae Eureka Red (red version) Albino Eureka Red
  6. BillyO

    2020 Schedule

    The outdoor swap sounds interesting. Would the church still allow you to use the parking lot?
  7. BillyO

    Lock down

    What size of tanks do you have?
  8. BillyO

    ISO Super Red plecos

    No I haven’t but I’ll reach out. The last one I got was from the swap and it came from Springfield I think.
  9. BillyO

    ISO Super Red plecos

    I’ll let you know, I haven’t had any luck yet.
  10. BillyO

    Yellow and Blue OB’s

    yellow Ob and blueberry Ob.
  11. BillyO

    ISO Super Red plecos

    Anyone locally breeding these? I got my last one from someone at the swap.
  12. BillyO

    Yellow and Blue OB’s

    Do you know who is supplying Pet-topia with these guys?
  13. BillyO


    My Aquaclear 110 is super quiet I can only hear the water when it gets low. I ordered a Penn-Plax Cascade off Amazon for a spare tank and that thing is extremely quiet also. The only issue is the Bio falls slows the flow way down so I took it out.
  14. BillyO

    Any local breeders of African Haps or Peacocks?

    Do you know what all types of Peacocks Luke has? I know we are all on social distancing but I’m looking to stock up a few new guys once this passes.
  15. BillyO

    Peacock Breeders

    What size are the Turkis and price?
  16. BillyO

    Peacock Breeders

    I’m wanting to see if we have any local active Peacock breeders in the group and if so what types are you breeding?