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    Congo Tetras from the Swap

    Thanks. Not sure when I will be north but will keep your number for when I am.
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    Congo Tetras from the Swap

    What part of town are you in Tim? Thanks
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    ISO Electric Blue Acara

    I saw a few at Petland in Blue Springs today.
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    Group Buy for November's Meeting

    Thank you!
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    Group Buy for November's Meeting

    Sent my order and my payment for the order. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Thank you, Jack
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    Dwarf Cichlids

    Wow, you are breeding some cool stuff. I was about to order some of the dwarf golden cichlids from Wet Spot but this would be much better...
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    Group Buy for November's Meeting

    I might be interested in ordering something depending on their inventory and the order deadline and if someone can pick them up for me. The November meeting is always on opening day of MO rifle deer season and I am always hunting on that morning. Thanks
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    Congo Tetras from the Swap

    Hey, I was curious how others have done with the Congo Tetras they bought at the Swap. Mine have done very well in my opinion. What I was curious about was your male to female ratio. Of my 8 that I bought it looks like 2 are female and 6 male. Curious as to what your ratios are like...
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    Keyhole Cichlids

    Wish you were closer I have been wanting to try those again. They are a cool fish. Good luck with the rehoming.
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    2022 HAAS Events Schedule - Updated 10/25/22

    I think I might have some fish that will need to get gone by the time of the August Swap. Will be nice to be able to move some fish and see some fish folks again. Jack
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    How many of the Limi Livebearers and congo tetras will you be bringing? Are they fish that you have bred and raised? I have a new large cube setup and have plans to stock fish in it by the dozens. Thanks
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    Our website guy is on the DL!!!

    Hope he is doing well.
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    Getting the BAP program set up on the new website!

    Glad to see some activity on the BAP. It was always one of my favorite parts of the club. If I ever get my tanks organized again I would love to maybe work on Rainbows, Killifish and Characins and Minnows... Who knows it could happen but it is a challenge working with fewer tanks. When I was...
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    Brichardi group with at least 3 breeding pairs

    What part of town are you in if you still have them?