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    You are injecting pure oxygen?
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    Zebra Pleco Breeders

    I also sugest Shooters fish room. If you want guaranteed males and femails you have to pay big bucks. If you buy little unsexed ones you have a better chance at getting what you want. If you buy unsexed adults you will probably get all males as it seems they spawn male heavy.
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    Hi, I’m mike and I have a problem!

    I need both of these!
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    Beta Mahachai for rehoming

    I cant figure out how to post pics on this group. Shoot me a message on facebook or my email is
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    Beta Mahachai for rehoming

    They can be kept in somewhat brackish water but these were bred in fresh water. They come from the esuaries/ marshes near the ocean.
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    Beta Mahachai for rehoming

    I have a bunch of beta mahachi. To many! Shoot me a PM if you want to work something out. I have males and females and there just starting to color up.
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    In Search Of your bichirs, eels, knife fish, and loaches or any odballs.

    I'm interested in any fish really but especially the ones listed. If they got to big for your tank I can help you out and possibly hook you up with some other fish or plants that will work better for your situation.
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    Rehome two rufa garras

    I'd be interested in them if your coming to the auction on the 14th
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    Hi, I’m mike and I have a problem!

    If you get these breeding I want some!
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    LED lighting question

    Lumens arent really a good measure for aquariums. Par and per are generally the units of measure used. If you want high light you probably need a couple fluval 3.0 plants on that tank or a few kessil lights or the new prism lights by nilocg.
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    Any local breeders of African Haps or Peacocks?

    I do but I'm having trouble posting pics. My email is or I'm on facebook
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    Jewel Cichlids

    Molly I sent you a message on facebook messenger about these.
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    Any local breeders of African Haps or Peacocks?

    I have a bunch of juvanile dragons bloods and I have excess milawi compressiceps that are at breeding size but not massive
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    List of stuff i have and im coming to the jay wilson meeting

    I'm coming to kc saturday for the club meeting. I have lots of plants avalable and I also have a bunch of juvanile fish from dragon blood peacocks. I have multifaciatus shell dwellers avalable and a male apisto from trippe red parents. There is a variety of patterns that can come from them the...