Plan on joining us for our Fall Auction!  There will be many hobby related items up for bid including fish, tanks, plants, accessories, food, etc.  

Date : Saturday, Nov 12th, 2016

Location : Fairview Christian Church

1800 NE 65th St

Gladstone, MO  64118

Auction Begins at 12:00 Noon and ends around 6:00 PM

SELLERS TAKE NOTE - the process we are using for labeling is completely changing.  We will be using the website to host our auction.  You MUST use this method - the PDF seller sheets will NOT be allowed into the auction.

phoca thumb l img 0096Viewing and Buyer Registration begins at 11:00 AM

Setup begins at 9:30 AM

Auction Begins at 12:00 Noon
Auction Ends at 6:00 PM
Viewing and Buyer Registration - done online at

Setup begins at 9:30 AM
Seller Admittance - 10am (arrive with labels already on bags printed from above website, get dots, set bags out on tables)

In preparation for our Fall 2016 auction, here are a few hints and tips to make your auction experience the best it possibly can be...

-DaveW Update 8/23/2016 - I have stricken items below that no longer apply that many of us are used to.  Auction rules will we updated.


- Familiarize yourself with the Auction Rules.

- If you are selling items, please register reserve a "Seller ID" by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- If you are selling items you must register at, associate yourself with the auction (details in the forum thread near auction time) and upload your items to the site.  Pictures are optional.  If you use a generic photo off the web:  1) note that in the description (web photo) and 2) make sure it represents a realistic view of the fish.  Adult photos for fry is preferred. 

- In addition, please use the Seller PDF Form to label your items.

- Print out your forms using the website above.

Next three items are likely to change for fall 2016 auction, more details to come.

- For items that are being donated to the club for auction, please use the seller ID of "DON". We will assign you a bag number at the time you register your bags.

- For BAP or HAP items, please use the seller ID of "BAP" or "HAP". We will assign you a bag number at the time you register your bags.

- All bidders and sellers must register at the Registration Table located by the front entry.

Buyer Tips:

- Setting up quarantine tanks for your auction purchases a few days ahead of time is a good idea.

- Check auction inventory prior to Saturday morning on website

- Bring a pen and paper to write down the item numbers you want to bid on.

- If you have it available to you, bring some sort of reference material so you may look up items (phones or tablets work great for this, we should have WiFi access)

- Bring a cooler to store your purchases in during the auction and for transportation home.

- You might want to sit your cooler in that perfect chair, located where you like to sit.

- Viewing of items for sell before the auction begins gives you a close up viewing of all items.

- Purchased items must be paid through checkout, before leaving. We accept cash, check, Pay-Pal and credit cards.

- Heart of America Aquarium Society membership forms are available for joining at the registration table.

- Be sure to stop by the Buy It Now and Raffle tables for additional opportunities to purchase or win items.

- Most important, get around and give a smile and hand shake to other fish hobbyist.

Seller Tips:

- Obtain a seller number by contacting HAAS via the forum or website.

- A helpful tip is to move your auction fish to empty tanks (water and filter only) for easy catching.

- Use these tanks as quarantine tanks for fish purchased at the auction.

- Start gathering your dry goods sell items and box items ahead of time for quick transporting.

- Begin to put together your registration list which also builds your label printout.

- Locate your bags, rubber bands, bag buddies, oxygen, coolers, nets and fish holding containers.

- A helpful hint is to store these items in your coolers a few days before bagging.

- Sometimes a bag may leak which can get labels wet during transportation if labeled at home.

- A towel to dry off bags before attaching labels is a handy tool to have.

- Bring a few extra bags and rubber bands, and other bagging supplies.

The PDF form is an editable pdf for for you to register your fish and complete your labels. If you have an alternate method of creating your labels, you may register with our Excel form below. Read more for directions on using the form.

Click link below to download the HAAS Seller Auction PDF

Bring a printed copy of the completed form to the auction with you. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may get it here.


  1. Fill out your seller information.
  2. Fill in the form by listing all of the items you wish to register in the auction.
  3. Fill in the matching labels section of the document.
  4. Print the form portion of the document on plain paper.
  5. Print the labels on standard Avery labels, or on plain paper. If you chose to print your labels on plain paper. You may use clear box tape to affix the labels to the bag.

The Excel (.xls) file is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for you to register your fish with us.  The Excel Spreadsheet file for sellers who want to register the items they wish to sell with our auction chairman. Send a copy of this file with your information filled out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Note: When using this form, you will still need to provide labels for the items you've registered. You may use our registration form with labels to do this, or you may use any alternate method you choose of creating your labels.